Until the launch in March of 2018, was not designed to utilize a responsive platform. I was tasked with righting this wrong and bringing the site into the modern day of online experience. The project was set to kick off in November right after the finale of the current season and be ready for launch March 1 to announce the coming season. To say the deadline was tight would be an understatement. I had to make sure that the site would be legible and cohesive from a 1600 px wide desktop version down to a 320 px wide mobile version and I had roughly 4 months to do it. The solution was larger images with bold text and less copy. I worked collaboratively with the tech team to make sure that the user experience was enjoyable and accessible no matter what device you were utilizing.

The Result

The final product encompassed a new, fresh look and feel while still remaining loyal to the MLBShop brand. Accessible on any device the site immediately saw a huge uptick in customer conversions on mobile platforms. This allowed the MLBShop to maintain it's reliable performance for years to come.

Once a design for the homepage was agreed upon, it was just a matter of then adapting it for all 30 team store pages. This consisted of applying team colors, logos and specific product where applicable. Luckily, I have no problem with repetitive tasks like this as long as I have a good playlist to get me through.

The Process

I began by sketching some ideas about how the site would adjust visually when viewed on a mobile device. After some quick surveys in the office it was determined that the best course of action was to minimize the view of product spots on a mobile device. The only thing visible would be the hero spot and then immediately followed by the team navigation with two teams per line separated by American and National leagues.

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